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Be a Daredevil

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What would you do to raise some
cash for East Africa?

Would you eat a raw onion for £10? How about a whole chilli for £50? What about dressing like a superhero for a week at work? We know you want to – you're just looking for a good excuse. This is how it works:

  1. Think of something daring that people will pay to see
  2. Ask your network to sponsor you
  3. When you've raised enough in pledges go and do your dare - and make sure you take photos and/or video to share as evidence
  4. Chase your donors for the cash - and feel heroic and brave

Honesty box

We promise to turn this into a proper fundraising platform when we've got dares from 25 of you, or £1,000 in pledges. In turn, we'll trust you to act on your promise. When you've done your worst, get your mates to donate to 50/50. We'd love to see some evidence too!